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The environment is always a hot issue that we all care about every day. But, have we taken care of it properly?

Together with Green Fair on the green path of hope this year, we are delighted to have the sponsorship with vegan cosmetics brand Cocoon Vietnam in the role of Gold Sponsor. On that path, we will work together towards the mission of protecting the environment from the smallest things.

Something about Cocoon, this is a 100% vegan cosmetic brand from Vietnam that does not use animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. With the commitment and efforts to realize its vegan philosophies, Cocoon has become the first Vietnamese cosmetic brand to be approved in the Leaping Bunny program - a program committed to not testing on animals. Cruelty-Free International in the world. In addition, Cocoon is also the first Vietnamese cosmetic brand to be certified "not tested on animals and vegan" by the global animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Certified vegan by The Vegan Society.

Over the years, Cocoon has not only made a lot of impressions in the cosmetic market with quality skin and hair care products from Vietnam's endemic plants, but the brand also has actual commitments and activities. Very good for the environment. We can mention commitments such as: "say no" to microplastics in bath products; the outer box is made of friendly paper, without plastic lamination, so it is easy to decompose in the natural environment; Big Size versions for the environment… Or programs aimed at the environment such as the Campaign to give new life to old bottles – “Make every day Earth Day”; green tree donation program to inspire environmental protection; and especially, most recently, the program "Live Green With Cocoon Every Day - "Exchange old bottles, get new products" is taking place at more than 20 "green spots" at prestigious cosmetic store systems.

With the name "Cocoon" (cocoon), the brand means a "house" that nurtures and nurtures a small caterpillar until it turns into a beautiful butterfly. In other words, Cocoon was born because it wanted to beautify Vietnamese people from what is close and familiar, from fruit trees to herbs with a commitment to 100% of ingredients of clear origin and safe for the skin.

What about you, especially girls and boys, who are wondering about choosing safe, benign, and environmentally friendly cosmetics, is this the stop?

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