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Author : Luu Bao Yen + Hoang Thu Trang

Greetings everyone, I'm HOPE - a brave and loving whale who lives with my family in the Pacific Ocean where is also the home of my many other sea creatures friends. This sea used to have its name attached with clear, fresh water and peace. Every early morning, I much enjoy the warm rays of sunlight shining on the transparent water. The sea surface seems to sparkle more than ever when being covered by the sun.

[Jewel of the Sea]

Let me tell you a secret! It is about a Pearl of the sea - the soul of my homeland. The pearl was given to this ocean by the sea god with a mandate to protect it with our last breaths. Nevertheless, the pearl only shows its power when all creatures within are always in harmony and preserve the water resource. For thousands of years, we have always followed the reminder of the supreme god. There are countless species of plants and animals who were born and grew up here.

[Exotic color]

Mommy! Why is our seawater this color?

There were several large ships that collided with each other. Perhaps this is the reason.

So what is this black slime?

It's oil. But I have no idea what it is used for.

My routine morning was supposed to be filled with fresh air, clean water. That morning, I was initially about to receive new rays of sunshine. But I no longer see such familiar warm sunlight. That black grease makes it hard for us to breathe. It has taken away the lives of many of my friends. Actually, I still don't understand what kind of oil it is and why it is spilled all over our sea surface. As a result, many days have passed, and I have to wake up with a layer of black oil blocking my vision. Many otters get so oily that they have died of excessive hypothermia. The small fishes, whose fate are the same as the otter's, floated on the surface of the sea from suffocation. This slime is destroying our precious pearl.

[Road of Hope]

I do not understand. I really don't know why. Why do my peaceful sea have to suffer this much? When will the oil run out? When will we be able to return to our normal life? I will set out to find the answers to these questions from the sea god's, for sure. I will bring back the warm rays of sunlight to my sea. I will go find the inherent purity of my homeland.

[ Formosa - The beautiful island]

I started a series of journeys to bring back the purity of the sea. Carrying on the way so many worries, I was overwhelmed with the immense world. Foremostly, I was also worried about my hometown knowing this is the mission I must complete. Suddenly, I witnessed a scene which was even more horrifying than the one at my own territory. Fish...A massive amount of dead fishes floating on the water . Formosa in Taiwanese means ``beautiful island". I was hence expecting to come across a place of growth and prosperity. A place where we - sea creatures are loved. Unfortunately not, the marine species there were floating and drifting pitifully. Surrounding me was not only the sea but also the creatures that had been killed by waste. It could have been cleaned up. However, it turned out to become part of the house, part of sealives' food. Those modern houses, the pride of an advanced civilization, are discharging into the sea a lot of waste from all human daily activities. Are humans considering our homes a cesspool? Are people trading our lives for their own gain?

What did we do wrong?

[ Green Fair - The companion]

It's still me - HOPE the fish imbued with the blue color of the sea. I visited the sea god in the hope of regaining the freshness of the sea and the purity of the pearl. As soon as I started my journey, I was greatly disappointed with Formosa. I was desperate and wanted to go home. I wondered if our ocean's fate would be like that one? But then I met Green and Fair. They were just like me, fighting relentlessly to find back the green for the environment. I no longer felt alone. We share the same faith and direction. And we became companions. During the rest of the journey, we always supported each other. We reminisced about the sea that was once peaceful. And we hoped we wouldn't have to just recall it any more. Because we had to fulfill our own mission

As it turned out, there was a lot of hope to find the blue color of the sea…


Finally, I and my two companions found the land of the sea god. It'd been a long time since I saw such a resourceful, clear blue sea. There were so many sea creatures living there.

“If you want to change the marine environment, you can only do it with humans.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the Earth is mother nature. Humans and other creatures inherently coexisted in harmony under the protection of the Earth. You do not save the Sea or the Earth. What you need to do is save yourself before Mother Nature gets angry.”

Those were the sea god's instructions for me. Right! People are destroying their own place, and ours too. Should I do the same to them? Should I trust them?

I asked the sea god to let me transform into a human. To understand them, to try trusting them once. And more importantly, teaming up with people.


If we have the soul gemstone of the sea, I firmly believe that humans are the gemstone of the Earth. Humans enjoy many privileges from mother nature. And it's only them who can preserve nature.

They tried to deal with the oil spill even though it cost a lot and took many days.

They saved the whale when he swallowed the plastic.

Humans also brought the whale back to the sea when he was washed ashore by the waves.

Humans returned the starfish to its initial place and cleaned up the beach.

They feel life; feel the hurt we have to endure.

In many ways, they are trying to correct the mistakes, I believe . That's why I decided to trust them again. Those were the things I saw when I incarnated. Not all humans are selfish. People are trying to protect themselves…

Gorgeous eco-zones with beautiful beaches. Let people pursue their own happiness and improve their lives. But please do not exchange our lives. Please don't make us take the consequences of their actions. Be gentle with the sea as the sea embraces the motherland.

I believe in human choice...



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