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Author : Le Khanh Ngan & Nguyn Duy Nhat Huy

I am 19 years old, after all my efforts, I finally got into the university in the city. My dear hometown, I will come back for summer vacation, hope that everything here will be renewed, civilized and more modern. However…

I was excited to return to the village when an unsightly sight made me freeze, in front of me was a huge dumpster. This used to be the place where we used to gather to play soccer, jump rope, chase, …, is a corner of that childhood now replaced by a place where so many people's garbage is stored??? Standing and observing for a while, sometimes I see people throwing more garbage bags, garbage scattered everywhere. What a sad scene...

I pondered: "The environment is really calling for help". Why do I think so? Because that environmental situation is becoming more and more serious and greatly affects the lives of people as well as the plants and animals living on Earth. There is a writer who once said with the idea that it takes 180 million years for a rose to bloom, 380 million years for a butterfly to fly, meaning that the environment in which we live has undergone a process of formation. long and harsh. So, in recent years, what are people doing with the environment? A series of illegal deforestation, forest burning, improper discharge of waste such as Formosa company, the amount of domestic waste in the world up to 3.5 million tons per day has caused pollution problems. soil and water pollution, especially climate change. The huge amount of non-biodegradable plastic bags has caused the greenhouse effect, the occurrence of many extreme weather phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and droughts. Most recently, Japan, a temperate country, experienced a record heat wave; Meanwhile the US is also suffering from the heaviest hurricanes in history. Environmental pollution not only makes the landscape picture of each country blurred but also degrades the economy, culture and society, and above all accelerates the process of eradicating human life.

"Man is not born to disappear like a faceless grain of sand." So, in order not to disappear, we people today have been and will not stop working together to build a healthy and sustainable environment. Throwing trash in the bin, planting a small tree, saying "no" to plastic packaging - these small actions have also added a beautiful green color to our sphere of life. Our actions, no matter how big or small, are still prolonging life day by day. Protecting the environment is not a process that lasts only a day or two, but it is the responsibility of every individual in this world, in every action, every breath and every step that determines the existence of the Earth. .

If everyone is aware of the importance of protecting the environment, take measures to preserve the ecosystem such as minimizing the use of plastic bags, plastic bags, not throwing garbage into ponds and lakes. and with a common sense of hygiene, perhaps we can hope in the near future that the atmosphere will be somewhat less polluted, natural resources will not be overexploited leading to depletion. , human health standards will be raised and our Earth will be more beautiful.

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