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Author: Vo Phuong Nghi

Sleep to escape a nightmare, sleep to start a new world. For every creature in the forest, the fire is the most terrifying nightmare, but it is impossible to wake up. Behind the path that each streak of light passes is the tragic black of the end. But below that path lies the beginning – the grain. The sleeping seeds are the new generation that brings the hope of life to the dead lands. They will grow up after the rains and once again the forest will be reborn. But how long will it take for the new generation to complete its mission? According to some studies, it takes up to 150 years to restore a forest equivalent to primary forest. Meanwhile, a forest fire not only kills organisms but also contributes to increased emissions that make the earth's climate even more changeable. Climate change leads to wildfires but wildfires also lead to climate change. Will this forest burn today, but will other forests continue to burn tomorrow? To prevent this disaster from happening, we, each and every one of us, must have a sense of joining hands to protect and restore the forest. The emergence of growing industrialization has led to climate change. The seeds in the soil that are waiting to rise up can match the emissions we produce every day. The hopes of the forest are seeds, so let's add hope with every tree we plant and every smoke we take away. Consciousness leads to action, each action leads to a worthy result. So take action to protect green lungs.

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