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Author : Bui Nguyen Minh Anh

Hello humans, I am “Small Environment”. When people refer to the environment, they tend to think of “Big Environment” like the Earth, and bother about serious predicaments such as "greenhouse effect" or "glacial melt". Then they might have forgotten that I am also the environment and that I am the closest to them. The environment is not only green patches, is not just enormous entities, but it also is where us - humans live, or in other words, it is everything that surrounds us. A human once told me: “I love the environment more than anything else!”. He then plunged into planting trees, volunteering, paying his attention to "Big Environment", but he left me in the corner of his house, with dirt and dust imprinted on everything - the vestige of not being cleaned. “Small Environment” was soiled and dirty. Gradually, his “Small Environment” became a nest of diseases, flies, mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches crawling everywhere, but he was nonchalant. Then, the epidemic broke out, as his house was its provenance. You see, humans, if you only care about the “Big Environment” and cut me out of your thoughts, I'm not sure what will happen to you.

He thinks that as long as he goes out and shows his love for "Big Environment", it will be fine. And I firmly believe that there are people like that out there who just mull over big things and then gradually forget about the little detailed instruments. That's why, I want to bring up a broken chicken egg that is covered with sticky tape. Chicken eggs, which are indispensable in our lives, play a very important role not only in terms of nutrition but also in other fields. Just like our “Small Environment”, people show a tendency to underestimate the seemingly insignificant small things but then are surprised to realize that those tiny instruments make up the bigger picture, and those pieces of adhesive tape are only sketchy measures and remedies to solve the problems. Even with a huge amount of tapes, aperture can still be seen - that is the trauma which would never be healed. Through this reference, “Small Environment” wants to tell us: “I know that the “Big Environment” is having a serious predicament, but please don’t ignore me because of that. Start from the smallest, then slowly solve bigger problems, the knot will eventually be untied, the “Big Environment” will be improved”.

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