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Youth Discussion about Environment

Author : Nguyen Thu Ha and Nguyen Thuy Trang

Hello everyone, we are Ha and Trang - sophomores living and studying in Hanoi.

Participating in the HOPE contest organized by Green Fair, we acted as journalists to make a small set of photos capturing our daily moments so that we could write down our feelings about environmental problems.

Environmental protection in today's era, to us, is no longer just about throwing garbage in the right place, but as society develops, people's living standard increases, new problems will arise.

Let's discuss these issues with us through photos!

“A study by a group of students from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California at Santa Barbara found that the average fleece jacket releases 1.79 grams of microfibers per wash.”

Sustainable fashion is the kind of fashion using safe and environmentally friendly materials as raw materials for the production and design of clothes. This may not be a popular concept in Vietnam yet, but it has practical meanings in environmental protection. In our opinion, combining sustainable fashion with a minimalist fashion style is an extremely modern and civilized method in this day and age.

Single-use plastic – “convenient” but not “beneficial”

Behind that "convenience" there is an endless story...

“In Vietnam: every month, on average, each family uses 1kg of plastic bags; discharges about 2,500 tons of plastic waste every day; Vietnam is one of the five countries that discharge the most plastic waste into the sea.

"White pollution" is a serious consequence of human overuse of plastic objects.

It's no coincidence that we chose more than one photo to talk about the reality of plastic waste because using plastic items is gradually becoming a trend, an unbreakable habit of the community...

Always bring along a glass bottle and stainless steel straw as a highlight in everyone's green living style!

All of us, especially young people, need to pay attention and actively seek information and solutions on hot issues of society, specifically, environmental problems. The dynamic, confident, creative young generation, always pioneering in environmental protection movements, will be the guideline to help tackle unsold environmental problems.

We believe that just a small change in awareness will make a significant contribution to creating a domino effect, promoting activities for the environment to be more significant and more widespread.

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