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the community from local producers to consumers in order to encourage and direct Vietnamese people, especially the young generation to apply a more green and sustainable lifestyle.

Via its social media platform, GreenFair has been organizing a series of competitions and contests motivating the Vietnamese community to live a more sustainable lifestyle. During the summer of 2019, hundreds of young Vietnamese from all over the country, have contested in a “7 day- challenge” of GreenFair and demonstrated their views on different aspects of habits that will need to be changed for a more sustainable future. In November 2020, GreenFair attended a national week long event organized by the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition stand of GreenFair attracted many visitors which learned more about GreenFair’s activities and sustainable products demonstrating the role both local businesses and consumers play in making positive impacts.

GreenFair continues to work together with local partners, organizations and association to organize more events so its vision can inspire more and more Vietnamese. The team of GreenFair consists of young and enthusiastic volunteers who work very passionately and determined for a change in their lives.

GreenFair is a non-profit project of KIBV (Keep It Beautiful Vietnam) that aims to promote environmental and social habits among local business and individuals in Vietnam. GreenFair’s mission is to spread the message “live green everyday” among

Green Fair.

Our Mission

Currently, the environment is seriously facing threatens caused by the increasingly advanced world situation. Every day, factories, buildings, transportation vehicles emit a lot of emissions and hazardous wastes into the environment and are the main reason of pollution. The current global environment is filled with constantly tragic events such as droughts, hunger, natural disasters, and floods. Green Fair project was founded with the mission to shorten the bridge between Vietnamese local green businesses and the consumers, especially young people, encouraging them to be more enthusiastic towards a sustainable & green lifestyle, creating a positive impact on the environment. Through promotion events and fairs, Green Fair is also a platform to connect high quality products of businesses, groups and individuals to the world market.


Our Goals

  1. Become a leading organization in the field of environmental protection.

  2. Become a reputable platform that provides invaluable knowledge and experience opportunities about environmental protection.

  3. Shaping awareness and inspire ideas about live green everyday among the community.

  4. Become a reliable partner and consultant for businesses who wish to pursuit sustainable production as well as to promote green products products.

  5. Acting as a bridge between organizations and businesses operating in the same field.

  6. Working with local and central governmental to have more favorable conditions to support local green businesses and products.

  7. Creating a generation of future leaders with green mindset and action towards environmental protection.

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& Goals


KIBV Keep It Beautiful Vietnam is an international non-governmental organization that aims to foster the sustainable development of Vietnam through the environment, education, and social and cultural promotion. The organization headquartered in Switzerland has been granted the Project Certificate of Registration status in Vietnam in 2018. Since its inception, KIBV has engaged in various activities toward a sustainable direction in accordance with KIBV’s goal and mission.

KIBV also Organizes other projects such as Empower Woman Asia. PEEP, Green Sustainable Comunity,...

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